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Bottom Line: I want to help you help me get an Apple Ipod Nano

Things you'll want to know about getting your Free Ipod Nano from www.flashipods4free.com

  • I like the Apple Ipod Nano because it is small, thin, portable, and cool! It offers a color screen, can store up to 1,000 songs, and is thinner than a pencil.
  • This is legit. I was weary at first too. Then a co-worker of mine recieved his Free iPod. See the "My Status" box on his page - IC Free Pod - So sign up now before all your friends hear about it from someone else!
  • This offer is from Transcendent Innovations (TraInn). Transcendent Innovations is the #1 trusted free stuff provider. They are a trusted source of free products for a referral or point based system.
  • Plus here is an article about the Free iPod offer from Wired News - Making Free iPods Pay Off
  • Only One account per household (so don't cheat, it's not worth it.)
  • It is recommmended that you use IE 6 and not (mozilla/firefox/other) when completing your offers because other browsers may not be fully supported by www.flashipods4free.com and you might not get credit for your completed offer.
  • You can sign up as either a point-based account, or referral-based account. The point-based allows you to complete offers for yourself, and not rely on anyone else to help you complete offers to get your product. The referral-based system requires you to complete at least one offer and get at least 5 people to sign up under you.
  • Tip: Use a real email address, because you will have to verify the email, plus you'll want to be notified when your free ipod nano is shipping right!??
  • If you are looking for more info on this whole Free Ipod Nano offer, check out Free iPod Guide.com They have pictures of people who received their Free TraInn Offers
  • Update: When using Gmail as your sign up email make sure to check your spam box for the verification email. Gmail thinks it is Spam.
    ps. I'll give you a Gmail account invite if you sign up under me and complete an offer. So First person to sign up under me and complete and offer I will e-mail a Gmail invite to them. I can see your e-mail by checking my www.flashipods4free.com status.

How do I get a Free Ipod Nano?
Just sign up at www.flashipods4free.com and complete an offer.
Then get 5 people under you to sign up and complete an offer using your referral link.

What are these "offers" you speak of?
Basically you sign up with an advertiser like AOL, eBay, Real, Ancestory.com, GM, etc. and then www.flashipods4free.com counts it as a "completed offer". These offers are usually free, or a couple bucks for shipping for the free product/service you receive.

Are you sure this is real?
My first sign of these Transcendent Innovations offers not only being real, but worth it was when a co-worker of mine got the 5 referrals needed to complete an offer and is now listening to his iPod at work. This co-worker is also the one who wrote the program (ICFreePod) that keeps us impatient Free Ipod Nano seekers up to date on their Free Ipod Nano status. He also wrote the little "My Status" box that interacts with ICFreePod thus keeping your web page up to date with your status. w00t!

Then I started noticing all the other people who are jumping on the train to get their Free Ipod Nano. I just don't want to be left out. :)

And then the next day Wired News came out with the article; Making Free iPods Pay Off.
Which explains how the marketing company that puts this on is making money off this even while sending out Free iPods.

Tips on completing an offer and getting your Free Ipod Nano
Completing an offer is easy, canceling the service/making sure you complete the requirements can sometimes be tricky, but in the end worth the $200 worth of musical goodness.

  • eFax
    This is the offer I completed for my free gaming system. I chose the Ipod Nano for it's portability and color screen.

    It's very easy to complete. Just sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, then go to your offers section and click on the eFax logo. Then sign up for eFax under the free trial, wait a couple days to recieve your credit. Then after that if you like the service, keep it.
  • AOL
    When completing an AOL offer, it's rather simple. Just make sure to use Internet Explorer, sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, then sign up for one of the AOL deals, and then wait a couple days for your status at www.flashipods4free.com to change. (You can use the handy I C Free Pod program for this) Then when it has been confirmed that you completed an offer just call AOL and cancel your service.
    Your status is usually updated within 1-3 days.
    One of the AOL deals (Music Net) requires a credit card the other (AOL Broadband) doesn't.
  • Real Rhapsody
    This offer requires a credit card and updates your status in 1-2 days.
    What you have to do is sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, then sign up with Real Rhapsody ( $0.99 the first month), then I believe you need to download their software that logs you into Rhapsody, then you can cancel from within that software in 3 days or when your status is updated, whatever comes first. Unless of course you like Real Phapsody. :)

  • Video Professor
    Sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on the Video Professor offer, fill out the form and pay $6.95 shipping. Requires a valid credit card. Then you will be credited immediately! Sweet huh? TIP: Get someone (grandma, grandpa, step-father, younger sibling, etc.) who could actually use this Video Professor to teach them the basics of the Internet, Windows, or even Photoshop. Then have them sign up under you. That's 1 referral right there!
  • Ancestry.com
    I heard this one is the best! All you have to do is Sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on the Ancestry.com offer, fill out the forms, and you are instantly credited with completing an offer. The thing is that this didn't stay up long in the offers because it was so popular. I heard it might come back so make sure you are signed up now and ready for it when it shows up again.
  • Pill Offers
    These include the Miracle Burn and the Little Happy Pill, because they are the one's I've seen. It looks like you just have to Sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on one of the Free Pill Offers, order the 7-Day FREE Trial for only $3.95 to cover shipping and handling. Valid credit card required. You will be credited within 1-3 days. Again $3.95 for a Free Ipod Nano isn't bad right?
  • PetCare Rx
    Looks like you have to sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on the PetCare Rx offer, then order $20.00 minimum of product from them, but the upside is you will be credited instantly! If you need something for your pet, it's at least worth checking out.
  • Credit Card Offers
    Probably the least likely one people will do, but hey if you want another credit card, go for it! Just don't get too far into debt OK? It's not fun.
    Requirements for GM Card:
    sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on GM Card Offer apply for it, get online approval, and accept to receive the GM card. You will be credited in 1-2 weeks.
    Requirements for eBay MasterCard: sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, apply for and get approved for the eBay MasterCard® credit card. www.flashipods4free.com, will receive the confirmation from the eBay, and they will update your account accordingly. Allow 2-3 weeks for your account to be updated. You will be notified by email when you have received credit.
  • Columbia House DVD & BMG Music
    I lump these together because in my head they are the same. Probably both owned by AmeriCorp Inc. anyway. Plus from previous experience they track you down forever.
    Requirements: sign up at www.flashipods4free.com, click on either offer; Columbia House DVD = Register for the offer. You will be credited within 2-4 days. BMG Music = Join BMG Music Service. You will be credited within 1-2 weeks.

If you are looking for more info on this whole Free Ipod Nano offer, check out Free iPod Guide.com They have pictures of people who received their Free iPod and Free Ipod Nano.


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