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Because I have 2 paypal accounts, please select the one that is best for your donation!

If you would like to donate using a Credit Card, or non PayPal, please click here!
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There are a few different ways you can support me if you feel that is how you want to thank me for providing ICFreePod and keeping it up to date. I in no way require you to donate anything for ICFreePod as I feel this is a service I offer because I want to, and feel it is needed.

If you still feel like showing appreciation, you can either sign up under one of my referral links that still needs referrals completed, or you can donate through PayPal in a monetary contribution. Both are greatly appreciated and accepted whole-heartedly. Knowing I have support and people who appreciate the work I do drives me to be the best I can and provide the best software I can. If it weren't for users supporting me, I probably would have given up freeware work a long time ago.

I thank you VERY much for your donation, and appreciate the support. Without you, I definitely would not be able to continue creating and developing new software!

-Drakier Dominaeus ~Ð~

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