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With all this Free iPod mania that is happening, it is becoming more apparent that there is a lack of tools to help monitor your current status throughout the processes. ICFreePod is a program similar to PodWatch which sits in the "system tray" near the clock and monitors the status of your account with the site. It checks the Status page at an interval you set, and then notifies you whenever something changes by flashing the icon near the system clock. You can right-click on the iPod icon to get more options.

ICFreePod is written in C# and requires the .NET Framework version 1.1 installed in order for it to run correctly. You can download the .NET Framework either through Windows Update or you can go to this link to download it.

Friday, 6/2/2006
In case some of you haven't noticed yet, I've been working hard on making the MyStatus a little bit cooler... and I've succeded.

I have now made MyStatus generate IMAGES! That's right.. you can now put your status in your forum signatures and on your website rather than using the javascript previously provided. Feel free to continue using the javascript if you would like, but this is an alternative solution for those who can't use javascript to display their status (ie: forum signatures).

All I ask for using this service is that you link the image to the ICFreePod page here ( along with the image. And please do not abuse the service. If I see that my servers are taking too much strain or that the service is being abused, I will either revoke the accounts responsible, or I will shut the service off completely. Please play nice (as most have you have already done).

To use the ICFreePod Image signature on phpBB or other BBCode accepting forums, simply paste the following into your signature:
[url=] [img]<youruserid>.png[/img] [/url]
To use the signature on a normal HTML-based page, you can simply use the following:
<a href=""> <img src="<youruserid>.png" border="0" alt="ICFreePod" /> </a> ICFreePod
Thank you for using ICFreePod and allowing it to be sucessful. ~D~ Drakier

Thursday, 4/6/2006
As you could probably tell from the lack of recent news, there isn't a whole lot happening with ICFreePod right now.

Work and school have pretty much kept me busy (and my work on Decal).

I have some things I want to add/change about ICFreePod, but I have had a complete lack of cooperation from FreePay on getting anything done. I can't make changes to ICFreePod without FreePay making some changes to their WebService. Unfortunately, my contact who used to help me with those sorts of requests got a promotion, which means he's now super busy doing other things, and has absolutely no time to assist with WebService requests. So until the Webservice stuff gets fixed, I'm mostly at a standstill. I have a version with some modifications which I plan on releasing in a little while, but it doesn't really have any new features or FreePay offerings. It's just a modification on what is already available.

Stay tuned to this space for future changes and announcements... just don't hold your breath waiting. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that kind of accident. *grins*

Friday, 9/9/2005
Looks like I've been out of the loop for a while. Gratis has changed their Free*.com stuff over to Meaning all sites are now operated under the domain with the offer being at the first of the URL.. such as or Along with these changes, they've also added a new offer for the New Ipod Nanos! So I'll be making all these changes to ICFreePod soon, and hopefully by the time I'm done, the Webservice will have the new site in it as well as a couple other minor changes. Also.. because of this change, I'm going to have to update the MyStatus page and I'll actually be changing ALL the function names for the sites.. so if one day your MyStatus isn't working and you're wondering why? That is why. I'll post again right before I make the change, and once again right after the change with the new information. Hopefully it will go all smoothly and there will not be any issues. Thanks for using ICFreePod and I'll try to get everything "up to date" as quickly as possible.

Thursday, 7/14/2005
If you see this news article, congratulations! You're on the new server. As I said yesterday, if you experience any wierd issues, please email me! I need to get all the issues resolved ASAP.

Wednesday, 7/13/2005
Getting some new hosting, so all my services are being re-located. Hopefully this relocation will be as smooth and seamless as possible, but there may be some wierdness until the DNS and everything are moved over. If there are any issues, or you notice anything that doesn't look right, please contact me at the email address on this page.

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ICFreePod is an excellent application!

A thousand times better than PodWatch! With PodWatch, I was getting really sick of logging in though the web browser so often, and confirming that, yes, I really do want to close you PodWatch, I'm logging out now and you have to go away along with the rest of the applications, it's nothing personal but I hate you and your "Are you sure..." dialog box, you stupid, malignant piece of code!

But I have no such feelings towards ICFreePod. ;-) Being able to see the actual text of my order status is pretty neat!

Thanks for working on this!
-John S.

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent app! No useless features, and tells me everything I need to know - GREAT code.

I whole-heartedly recommend the product, and you can quote me on that!

Thank you,
-Alex C.

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